Retirement in Portugal: Life quality and safety

Have you ever thought of enjoying your retirement in Portugal?


Each day more and more Angolans, Brazilians and Europeans choose Portugal to enjoy their retirement. Living her permanently or only some months.




Here we list the the main factors that will Portugal´s  excellent life quality.


1. Security and tranquility: Portugal is in the top 20 of the safest and most free countries of the World (2013 Prosperity Index), and the level of crime is very low;


2. Climate: Portugal has one of the mildest climates in Europe (Köppen climate classification). The Mediterranean climate guarantees sun about 300 days a year in Lisbon, with nice average temperatures in the 13 ° in winter and 24 ° in summer. The geographical position,  facing the Atlantic gives an unparalleled brightness and setting sun over the sea.


3. Hospitality: The Portuguese people are courteous and welcoming, and receive with hospitality. In a survey of, 82.5% of Portuguese think Portugal is a great country for immigrants. The cosmopolitan and multicultural environment, mainly in Lisbon, hosts important Angolan, Brazilian and European communities, that will make you  feel at home.


4. Accessibility . International flight connections, particularly to Portuguese-speaking countries and the European Union countries. Portugal has excellent highways infrastructure. It takes Lisbon 9 hours from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro and Luanda, an hour from Madrid, and in less than 2:30 a.m. access to London, Paris, Brussels and Rome. Competitive prices of airline tickets are another factor highly valued by those who makes Portugal its anchor point in Europe.


5. Cost of life: Portugal has one of the lowest costs of living in the European Union. According to Numeo Index (descending ranking of the cost of living), Lisbon in 2012 occupied the 209 th place (in Luanda 2, London on 29 °, 40 ° in Paris and Sao Paulo in 159 th place).


6. Very competitive tax rules: Tax regime for non-habitual residents is very competitive in Portugal. For a period of 10 years, taxation related to IRS (personal income tax) on labour income in Portugal is at a fixed rate of 20%;


7. cultural Heritage: Portugal has over 800 years as a nation, with a historical and cultural heritage and traditions. The city centers are carefully preserved and increasingly valued, with 15 cities classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


8. Gastronomy: The Portuguese cuisine is very diversified, it is rich in flavor and promotes social habits. Portuguese wines, produced in 14 certified regions are highly appreciated inside and outside the country, with very competitive prices.


9. Real estate market very competitive in comparison with other capitals of the European Union: The price per square meter in Lisbon is still one of the cheapest of the EU capitals, which allows investments with less capital.


10. Financial stability of the Euro zone: Despite the European crisis, Europe continues to be one of the engines of the global economy and a refuge currency. Health care, law, social protection guarantee a high quality of life in these countries.


With the range of services we offer, we can manage your retirement project:

Best selection of a house or apartment for permanent or temporary residence;

Support in real estate purchase procedures;

Support in family Reunification;

Best options in Health insurances;

Consulting Advice in your  asset management;

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