Real Estate Agency

Professional Brokers is associated of APEMIP (Portuguese Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association).


We provide our services in urban rehabilitation market. Also, residential, commercial and industrial rehabilitation.


Understanding the Customers needs  is the key to our success.  The Professional Brokers Team has many years of experience negotiating real estate. Our knowledge of the national and international markets enables us to successfully complete all the business we are involved in.


It is increasingly difficult to develop a professional activity in the real estate market. We provide tailored solutions for the real estate purchase and sale.


The real estate market has undergone several changes in this recent years. It is now a more complex business area, but also more attractive and demanding. Due to this changes , it is necessary a continuous adaptation to the Customer’s needs, especially the International Market. It is also necessary to provide differentiated and sophisticated products, often resulting from the rehabilitation of historic buildings with very high quality levels .


Where to invest? Where is the best location? What is more suited to new investors?


Our experience and market knowledge allows us to properly advise promoters and investors, answering these and other questions with confidence and credibility.

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