About our agency.

About us


Professional Brokers main goal is to to provide a service of excellence in real estate. We offer complete and tailored solutions in the key areas of the real estate market. Working with a team of excellence human resources allows us to obtain the best results for our customers.


We guarantee the difference through our dynamic performance and excellence. We have a large portfolio with special focus on the Urban Rehabilitation markets, Residential, Corporate and Commercial (Retail).


 Our results are our best presentation, we combine a deep knowledge of the industry with the ability to understand the needs of our customers.


Our team integrates human resources with many years of experience , with a large portfolio of products and services in order to serve our customers in purchasing, sale, lease or consulting projects. The working skills of Professional Brokers team, raises the brand. Our business strategy is based on discipline, consistency and transparency.


We work with  a network of international partners in order to promote our products in the markets we have identified as most important.


Our relationship with our customers are based in trust, through a constant demand for innovative and creative solutions in order to improve the competitiveness of their businesses. We are driven by our passion and desire to exceed our customers’ expectations regardless the difficulty of every challenge.

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